PFE Technology.

automated video services: we prepare costum made automated video/it system for your company, which enables you or your clients video recording, reviewing and editing your video with just a click of the mouse. Graphics and sound effects can be added automaticaly;

video archive: complete technical solution for your archive: 1) ingest of material(from files, tapes, satellite) in PAL or NTSC; 2) hosting files in full resolution online; 3) preparing and web hoting lo-res time-code-burned-in and watermaked copy of each video, viewable in html5 web page (also from mobile devices); 4) editing, cutting and delivering (ftp, http) of full resolution files based on selection in web preview application; 5) backup of all video on 3rd location; 6) logging of video with keywords and metadata;

automated post-production services: automation of post-production work proccesses: automated rendering, automated editing, based on given input data (can be even from excel or web form), automated GFX elements, automated render of advanced GFX animations;

tv production: live video production of sports events, with completely adjustable equipment for the client;

space segment: occasional space segment usage;

satellite feed ingest: 1) ingest/capture of satellite signal; 2) live web stream of satellite signal;

web applications: web apps development, upgrades and administration;


PFE technology

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